PS : i put the names of the books in their original languages.

✩ le petit prince - st exupéry (1943, french)

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the most magical book i ever read, taught me life's main lessons

✩ reasons to stay alive - matt haig (2015, britain)

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the most relatable book i ever read, (about depression & anxiety) i never felt more understand than reading this book

✩ l'étranger - albert camus (1942, french)

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i love how it is writed so innocently and simply

✩ deuxième sexe - simone de beauvoir (1949, french)

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a revolutionnary book about all you need to know on the history of women's status

✩ capitale de la douleur - paul éluard (1926, french)

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a book filled with poems about love, & heartbreaks.