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Basic Information

Name - Kora Jenner
Nickname - KJ
Birthday - July 3, 1996 (Cancer)
Occupation - Actress
Residence - Calabasas, California


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Shiny brown eyes, Black hair, Natural Beauty, Plump Lips


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Caring, Confident, Hard-Working, Thoughtful


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red carpet


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she starred in Fast and Furious 7, as Katherine Shaw, Deckard's sister and Roman Pearce's love interest.
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she starred in Lady Bird, as Charlotte Scheible, Kyle's twin sister and best friend of Lady Bird.
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she starred in Love Simon, as Sasha Belmont, Simon's best friend.
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she starred in The Hate U Give, as Aliyah Harris, Khalil's younger cousin who has a strong bond with Starr.


Calabasas, California

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Rome, Italy

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Favourite Sisters

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Kendall and Kim

Best Friends

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Timothee Chalamet, Tyrese Gibson, Nikita Dragun, Catherine Paiz, Ariana Grande, Madelaine Petsch

Love Interest

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dated KJ Apa for 1 year, but they realised they were too young and were better off as friends. People still ship them because they had a child together.
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she had a brief fling with Drake, leaving her pregnant. She eventually got together with him after she gave birth and have been dating for four years.


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Natalia Apa
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Milah Graham
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Santos Graham