These days, Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian surrounds himself with more bookish types. The gun-toting, babe-flanked, private jet-flying "King of Instagram" has finished its autobiography officially penning. Now, he 's offering the person who comes up with the cleverest title $5,000 a chance his followers took to roast him absolutely.

Bilzerian, 39, who fancies a most interesting-man-in-the-world sort, posted his bid on Twitter Monday, with a photo of himself and a bikini-clad proofreader of course.

Without doubt Bilzerian will have plenty of material for his tome. The Florida native trained in wealth but failed to become a Navy Seal. By poker he allegedly became filthy rich. He also maintained a small acting career but when he borrowed money to star in a "Lone Survivor" scene in 2013, he later sued the production because the part wasn't big enough. Check Social media analytics here -

He is currently best known for flexing his lavish, globe-trotting lifestyle towards his 31.4 million followers. Almost always include a small village of girlfriends, who have recently become walking billboards for his cannabis company, Ignite, the cartoonishly buff and bearded Instagram entrepreneur's photos and stories.

He's faced cases along the way, nearly died twice during drug mishaps and really got into chess. His love of guns led him to try and take a gun from a cop during the shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 to help fend off the attacker. The cop reportedly told Bilzerian to "get the f – k away from me." And he also announced somewhere in there that he would run for president but when that came through he backed current president Donald Trump. His followers and haters have tried to sum up the rollicking adventure his life is through book title.

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