dear j,

i forgive you for being heartbroken and for having trust issues. i forgive you for breaking me cause i know that's the reason you treated me that way. after all, all i want you to know is that i am really not the way you think i am. i may have done some fucked up shit but i am not manipulative, nor a bad person. and that's why i still care about you, that's why i don't judge you for how you treated me, that's why i understand your reasoning behind of the most fucked up shit you've done, that's why i still think you're great even though you're insecure and jealous and got trust issues.

dear j2,

i forgive you for betraying me and hurting me after i've opened up to you. i forgave you a long time ago. it doesn't really hurt anymore now since i let everything go, i just hope you don't think i'm that much of a fucked person. i forgive you and i hope you'll forgive me too even though the shit you've done to me is much worse than what i've done to you.

dear s,

4 years is a long time. you broke me in pieces and all i have to say is that i'm glad i finally got rid of your fake ass.i wasted too much time and too many emotions in this travesty we used to call friendship. i did everything i could to forgive you, to heal my wounds and to keep trusting you but you broke me every single time and never bothered to give anything back. my life is so much better without you. peace xoxo

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