Playlist link: "Pre coffee jig"

Early spears of sunlight
Piercing through the morning fog, pouring over the horizon
Golden rays signalling the end of night
Peach dapples and a melting warmth dripping through the window
Sinking into your freckles
The sun singing in the form of gold speckles
The smell of warm oats heating on the stove
Nestle into a cushion cove
Savour your morning coffee or tea, whatever it may be
And let this playlist make you feel a special kind of way
During this honey glazed part of the day

Songs that are straight vibes to start your day with a sway.

Top Picks:
1) Sunbleached Girl, Shag Rock
2) Breathe (In the Air), Pink Floyd
3) Lush, Four Tet
4) Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson
5) Lovely Day, Bill Withers
6) Vanille Fraise, L'impératrice
7) The Coffee Song, Jack Botts
8) Sand in My Shoes, Dido

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Playlist: Pre coffee jig