The past few weeks I've been seeing a lot of articles about "the wrong things" on we heart it, so I decided to write one about how happy I am with my premium account.

here's my last article
  • So first of all, I didn't have the intention to buy a premium account, I thought I'd have to pay it monthly and I thought it was too expensive, but actually you'll pay it once a year, so it wasn't "heavy" for my wallet at all.
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And when I converted it to brazilian real, it wasn't expensive at all.
  • On the second place, there's no ads between the posts or the footer of the page, it made me really less stressed while scrolling down the discover.
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  • My profile is really cute, sometimes I open it just to see how pretty it looks. Before I got the premium, I thought I could change the background to different colors but there's also another options they didn't told us about.
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Also there's this heart around my icon, it looks very cute.
  • I wasn't expecting this one; you can change the we heart it icon on your homescreen phone, I've chose a light pink one, but there's some options you can choose instead, and change it whenever you want.
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  • The filters they have to edit the images are beautiful and different, I'm using them even on my IG pics
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About the wallpapers: I haven't seen one that I like yet, I didn't looked up for one cause I usually use personal pics for my wallpapers, but it seems the wallpapers are pretty the same we can find on google. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also think we can get better, because it would be nice to edit my articles from my phone and they should fix the "mature content" problem. They say you can see mature content if you able it on your settings, but I still can't see it. (there's some posts they classify as this type of content, but there's nothing mature about the post) and guys, I'm 22, I just wanna see all the pics.

Okay this is it. Goodbye xoxo