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She has long golden hair, light blue eyes and beautiful, angelic features. Her frame is slender and delicate and her skin is pale and gives off a divine glow.


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Althaia (Αλθαία) goddess of peace, serenity, familial and platonic love


wolf image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image purple, flowers, and garden image art, aesthetic, and painting image
Wolf, Mountain Bluebird and Wisteria


  • Immortality
  • Invulnerability
  • Regeneration
  • Transformation and Shape Shifting (usually in the form of either a White Wolf or a Mountain Bluebird)
  • Teleportation
  • Telepathy
  • Animal Manipulation
  • Power Granting
  • Invisibility
  • Superhuman Senses & Physical Attributes


actor, actors, and aesthetic image lightning and sky image crown, Queen, and gold image chris zylka and emmett dustin image
Zeus; her father (fc: Chris Zylka)
Image by jessicuuhh Image by tenderlygirl aesthetic, indie, and silk image phoebe tonkin image
Demeter; her mother (fc: Phoebe Tonkin)
aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image flowers, background, and pink image persephone, aesthetic, and pomegranate image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image
Persephone; her younger sister (fc: Barbora Podzimková)


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She is wise, loving, peaceful and righteous although, a goddess as she is, she can't help but be rather proud and sometimes mischievous, playing tricks on mortals when she is bored.


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Offerings/Sacrificial Products:

milk, aesthetic, and blue image Temporarily removed fit, food, and healthy image Image by maria leonidou Image removed baked goods, chocolate chip cookies, and Cookies image
Milk, honey, oats, fruits and baked goods


aesthetics, champagne, and dreamy image flowers, girl, and nature image aesthetic, dress, and sea image picnic, food, and aesthetic image food image daisy, gif, and girl image
They take place during the four weeks of July. The festivities are rich in a variety of foods and the people have fun and dance all day everyday, praying to the goddess for peace, blessed familial bonds and luck in friendship.


white, aesthetic, and architecture image white, aesthetic, and architecture image clouds, pink, and mountains image 90s, city, and gold image ancient, architeture, and Greece image flowers, architecture, and pink image
Mount Olympus, Greece


Image removed fashion image aesthetic, Greece, and mythology image gemma arterton image
Athena (fc: Gemma Arterton). Athena and Althaia usually think alike and have similar morals and ideals most of the time and, therefore, get on very well with each other. Over the centuries, Athena has come to be her best friend.
aesthetic, aesthetics, and blond hair image arrow, aesthetic, and archery image deer, animal, and nature image aesthetic, aesthetics, and blond hair image
Artemis (fc: Kris Grikaite). Althaia has always admired Artemis' tamperament and strong will. Her integrity and inclination towards doing good and protecting mortals has earned her a place in Althaia's heart.
game of thrones and nathalie emmanuel image etsy, wall decor, and tragedy comedy masks image Temporarily removed nathalie emmanuel image
Thalia (fc: Nathalie Emmanuel). The dramatic and playful muse of comedy never fails to give Althaia a good laugh. Her always positive attitude, funniness and eagerness to help everyone has made her a great friend of Althaia's.


eva green and artemisia image apple, gold, and golden image aesthetic, alternative, and architecture image eva green, 300, and beautiful image
Eris (fc: Eva Green). Eris stands for exactly the opposite of Althaia and that's why she dislikes her immensely. Althaia hates how the rivalrous and malevolent goddess always finds a way to cause trouble.
Image by Ronni mills Temporarily removed Temporarily removed scott eastwood image
Ares (fc: Scott Eastwood). Just like Eris, Ares advocates principles that go against Althaia's ethics and often, the goddess has to intervene between mortals to solve problems the loud and arrogant god has created between them.
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Aphrodite (fc: Vanessa Hessler). Many a time mortals have compared Althaia's beauty to that of Aphrodite's, sometimes even favoring her over the goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite's jealousy has turned her against Althaia and she seems to always be getting in her way, but the goddess of peace always manages to handle any problematic situations.


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Being an immortal goddess, Althaia has had a majority of love affairs throughout the centuries of her lifetime, usually with mortals. Few of them truly stood out for her to the point where she dearly and deeply loved them.
Image by let the fairy sleep architecture and aesthetic image beach, pink, and dress image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image
Danae (fc: Zoi Aggeliki Mantzakanis). Danae was an Athenian princess, well-known for her beauty. When Althaia saw her, she was mesmerised by the young, seductive mortal. She appeared to her and they started meeting frequently. They formed a romantic relationship and Althaia was so in love with her that she tried to find a way to make her immortal. In an attempt to grant her wish, Zeus turned Danae into a Wisteria tree, which would forever adorn Althaia's garden in Olympus. Danae was her first great love and she was devastated when she lost her.
Temporarily removed troy and achilles image swords image Temporarily removed
Adrastus (fc: Chris Hemsworth). Adrastus was a Trojan soldier whom Althaia saved from demise during the Trojan war, for showing great courage and rectitude. Adrastus fell in love with her and she couldn't help but develop feelings for him in return. The two started a beautiful, strong relationship, which ended when Adrastus died in another battle, before she could do anything to save him.
aesthetic, aesthetics, and beach image lake and water image aesthetic, water, and theme image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image
Marina (fc: Joanna Halpin). Marina is a nereid, a water spirit. Her beauty, calmness and shyness drew the goddess in and, after spending time together, they fell in love. Althaia later married Apollo, but the two never ended their affair and still frequently meet each other.
couple, emily browning, and max irons image greek, sea, and sun image beautiful, dreamy, and harp image Image removed
Apollo (fc: Max Irons). Apollo had been making advances to Althaia for years until she yielded to his charm. She used to regard him as a thoughtless philanderer but, in time, she came to recognize his softness, charisma, selfless and humourous nature. After thousands of romantic gestures towards her, like poems and songs written for her, she accepted his proposal and they started a relationship. She fell deeply in love with him, as did he, and they later got married and had three daughters.


Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨ bird, fly, and dove image travel image KAYA SCODELARIO, skin, and Effy image
Irene (fc: Kaya Scodelario), goddess and personification of peace
aesthetic, aesthetics, and beautiful image boy, friends, and hug image Temporarily removed aesthetics, fashion, and girls image
Philia (fc: Bonnie Strange), goddess and personification of friendship
ffion, movie, and apostle image aesthetics, close up, and details image girl and smile image john green, looking for alaska, and kristine froseth image
Eutyhia (fc: Kristine Froseth), goddess and personification of happiness

UwU I really like how this one turned out! I have always been fascinated by the Greek mythology. Being Greek myself, it has been an essential part of my educational knowledge, already since elementary school, and it was one of my favourite subjects! Thanks for reading, bunnies, really hope you liked it! ♥

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