Yay! Day 8 of the 30 day writing challenge. I've been enjoying these because they give me way for me to express myself creatively and It seems many of you guys have been enjoying them as well. So thank you guys for all of the support.

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day 8: Make a list of your five favorite movies

01. Age of Adeline

blake lively, gossip girl, and movie image blake lively, gossip girl, and the age of adaline image blake lively image blake lively and gossip girl image

This one, Blake Lively kills it. I love the fashion mainly and how it grows thru the decades, but also the story line of this woman who shuts herself away from the world to survive and then she falls in love and that love allows for her to move forward. It's a good movie and would highly recommend.

02. Easy A

easy a, emma stone, and movie image Image by Rabab emma stone, easy a, and quotes image couple, emma stone, and friendship image

I love Emma Stone in this movie and even though all the actors look more like college students then high school students. I think it's really funny movie to watch. I guess some girls might also feel like this in some ways where they have to shed an image even though they aren't that.

03. The Mummy 1 & 2

Temporarily removed 1999, adventure, and adventurer image the mummy and gif. movie image the mummy, 1999, and books image

This movie is a childhood favorite. I have so many memories of watching it with my parents growing up and me and my little brother would make a small fort with so many pillows and blankets to watch the movie and we would have so many snacks around us. I love side characters that are funny and the brother is my favorite.

04. Equals

movie and equals image couple, equals, and film image actress, equals, and kristen stewart image equals and nicholas hoult image

I think that I mentioned it here before but Kristen Stewart has been one of my favorite actresses and it's been really cool seeing her grow and taking on these roles. The story line is beautiful and the lighting is beautiful.

05. The Social Network

Abusive image favourite, justin timberlake, and movie image andrew garfield, jesse eisenberg, and social network image college, facebook, and film image

I saw this movie for the first time not too long ago and just the beginning is so fascinating the dialog between the two characters I understood nothing of their conversation. Instead, I learned so much about the characters and their personalities and the way that the movie unfolds is great. Highly recommend if you haven't watched it yet.

Thats it for this article. What are some of your favorite movies?

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