These are really hard & strange times for everyone right now, we all have that in common. I just wanted to make a list of shows that I love and that have helped distract and cheer me up during this weird time. I hope you manage to find something that can help you too.
So here we go...

1. Friends

My absolute all time favourite, you can't not feel instantly better after watching an episode (or ten!) It doesn't need an introduction, but if you haven't seen it then I really don't know what you have been doing (get it watched!)

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2. Schitt's Creek

Another feel good, great if you're not looking to get sucked into storylines (however I can't promise you still won't get addicted to it!) The perfect mix of lightweight and dry humour, and also some amazing fashion moments!

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3. Sex and the City

A classic that every woman should watch at some point. Everything about this show is perfection. It covers everything most (if not all) women experience in their lives; love, friendship & everything in between. Set in the dream that is New York City, it couldn't be anywhere else. Again, some major fashion moments (which you will realise is a trend for me).

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4. Gossip Girl

Think Sex and the City, just 15 years younger. Following the lives of the elite living on the Upper East Side (and Brooklyn), again you can't not get hooked to this show. It has so much drama yet so much style you wish this both was and wasn't your life. If you've never watched it, get to it! If you have; there is nothing wrong with binging from the start again.

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5. Mindhunter

This is a bit more dark, so if crime shows aren't your thing then this isn't the one for you. It is following two men who work for the FBI as they interview convicted murders, trying to figure out what made them carry out these crimes. While watching it I couldn't believe that it was based on real life events, which made it even more interesting to watch. 100% a binge.

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6. Pretty Little Liars

Quite similar to Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars is a series I would say is a must for every teenage girl (although I do still enjoy watching & I am in my early twenties). This follows a group of friends as they try and uncover the tormenter that is "A". It really will have you gripped, even if you don't want to admit it!

7. After Life

This will have you laughing one minute & crying the next. This really will make you appreciate everyone we have and the life that we live. It is written and acted in such a brilliant way. Ricky Gervais fans will love this, a must watch for all.

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8. 13 Reasons Why

Absolutely Amazing. This is not an easy watch, but an essential one. Covering hard hitting topics about teenage years, it is a much watch for all ages to help understand issues anyone could be going through, a reminder to us all to be kind. A must watch.

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9. Luther

Again, another one for crime show fans. This British TV show will have you hooked instantly, based in London dealing with a brand new case & crime to solve in every episode. It has an amazing cast and excellent story lines, and watching Idris Elba fight the bad guys isn't so bad either!

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10. Keeping up with the Kardashians

Thought I would finish of on a light note. Love them or hate them, KUWTK is extremely addictive. If you are looking for something to take your mind of everything that is going on right now, then this should be perfect. (Although if you absolutely hate reality TV, then maybe not). I promise though, once you start it's hard to stop!

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I hope you enjoyed this, and managed to find something that you would like to watch! :)