hi everybody! I want to write something about places I want to visit (pt.1)

➤ First: PARIS
Paris is very aesthetic and historical so I want to visit one day. I think Paris has a rich and awesome display. I want to go Eiffel Tower, eating croissant in front of Eiffel. Especially I want to go to Louvre and Orsay Museum to see some paintings.

Image by Robert Saddler louvre museum and musem image orsay, paris, and musée image
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Maybe you may think tunnel of love has no beauty enough. but plz be fair.. Can't you see heavenly view? Tunnel of love look like epic and that's the reason of my admiration.

Image by cara explore, travel, and ukraine image
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and machu picchu! Machu Picchu is an ancient city. To be honest, that's surprising because city is above the mountains. Machu Picchu means "new mouantain". This ancient city appeals to me because I love historical places.

peru image peru and machu_picchu image
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➤ Fourth: VENICE
Italy has a gorgeous cities and Venice is the one of them. Venice is so romantic, and unbelieveable. I want to go and vacation there.

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➤ Fifth: EGYPT
Everyone know Egypt has magical aura. I want to go there because I want to see Pyramids, Cairo egyptian Museum, Great Sphinx etc.

beauty, culture, and egypt image egypt, sphinx, and great image
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thanks for reading ╰(°▽°)╯I want to improve in english so if there any something wrong, please pay no mind..