Hey gorgeous!

Thank you for all the wonderful hearts for my previous post, "Preparing for an Online Semester". This post is for all the birthday babies who are turning a year older in this quarantine period. Especially all the ones who are turning 16,18 and 21! Usually, these are the ages that huge parties are thrown, especially for babies who are turning 21! Due to the COVID-19 safety measures, we will not be able to celebrate with our friends and extended families. These are a few examples that we still have a sweet celebration:)

Celebrating with Our Family

Just like how we celebrated when we were younger! It is quite common for us to celebrate with our friends as we get older but since we are quarantined with our families, let's take this time to celebrate it with our loved ones. Whipping up some favorite dishes that bring out the nostalgia and having a quaint celebration might be just the way to go.

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It never goes wrong with Family

Celebrating with Technology

Facetiming, Skype, Zoom and other face calling platforms are available for you to celebrate with your family and friends :) If you are quarantined alone this is the best way to celebrate with your loved ones:) If it is your loved one's birthday, it wouldn't hurt to get their presents delivered to their doorstep:) In a such a situation, a small gesture goes a long way. So spread the kindness and make the best out of the technology that we've got!

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It is better than not seeing them at all...right?

Sharing a little joy in what you have

Nobody wants to be in the situation we are in right now. We have to count ourselves lucky to have a roof over our heads, clean water, and food to survive in this pandemic. There are people out there who don't have such basic necessities. So we can take our birthday to get some giving done. There are so many trusted non-profit organizations where you can provide your services or donate a little. Remember a little goes a long way and why not do that on your special day?

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The Joy of Giving doesn't stop at Christmas

Self Celebration

Had a hectic lifestyle and just want to take a break? You can just have a quiet, self-celebration :) Whipping up a simple meal or ordering in and being in your comfiest pajamas would be just the way you might want to celebrate your birthday. Soaking in a hot bath while drinking your favorite wine might be one of the things you want to do:) Personally, it doesn't hurt to have a personal birthday celebration once in a while. Taking that time to think about how you have done so far and being proud of yourself might be a tiny self-reflection episode for you:)

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Finding a little joy in what we have

Cover Photo by Esther Wilhelmsson on Unsplash