[day 9 // June 9, 2020]

"make a list of your five favourite drinks/food"


1. sushi
aesthetic, avocado, and delicious image food and healthy image
2. quesadilla
bread, food, and food photography image quesadilla and food image
3. korean fried chicken
fried chicken, korean food, and asian food image Image removed
4. udon
tokyo, udon, and foodporn image aesthetic image
5. banana creme pie
banana, food, and cake image pie, foodporn, and banana image


1. boba tea
aesthetic, boba, and bubbletea image aesthetic, drink, and coffee image
2. lemonade
lemonade, summer, and drink image aesthetic, green, and lemon image
3. apple cider
cider, apple, and Cinnamon image autumn, apple, and fall image
4. white wine
nails, red, and rings image fashion, style, and white image
5. chai latte
drinks, egg nog, and kettle image coffee, drink, and food image