Disclaimer: Witches, Wizards, Muggles, Goblins, Giants, Fae, and Other Creatures are welcome. Voldemor-ha you thought I was gonna say it...yeah but on a real note he's definitely not welcome here.

Name & Appearance

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My name would be Fern & I'd come off as prim, proper, and delicate at first.

My House

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I would come from Ilvermorny as an exchange student. The sorting hat would've switched the houses multiple times before Dumbledore himself decided to let me stay in my own personal quarters with the exception of two roommates for the rest of my wizarding years at Hogwarts. I would spend time in each house but my personal favorite would be Hufflepuff.

My Roomates

Luna Lovegood

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Luna would have been my previous pen pal before I moved to Hogwarts & we would end up becoming the best of friends. Our parents are actually old friends and our families go way back in a good way. Knowing we're best friends Dumbledore would let me choose my roommates. Eventually we'd become a couple and in the future we would get married & be surrounded by all types of mysterious things together. Luna would also be part Fae, Elven, and Witch that's one of the reasons she is considered to be weird.

Hermione Granger

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That would be my best- BEST friend. Luna, Hermione, Myrtle, and I would be the best friend group you didn't know you needed. Hermione and I would become instantly close after we meet in Sprout's class and she would move into my personal quarters. At first, Luna would be jealous but after quickly realizing that I am not attracted to Hermione one bit we would all be peas in a pod.


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Moaning Myrtle. Okay guys hear me out. That girl never had one person wipe her tears and her spirit is kind of literally stuck to a school. Not only that but she gets bullied all of the time. She was bullied before she died and afterwards. That is just sad. Hogwarts or not, I can't stand school for up to eight hours and not more than five days. What if...one day I ran into Myrtle and I asked her what was wrong. Wiped her tears and I told her she could stay with us & we would be her friends. Dumbledore makes an exception and she attends classes. When it's time for us to all graduate her spirit can finally pass on.

My Quarters

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My Gifts

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Red Fox


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Clear Walnut Wood infused with lavender and wildflowers, unicorn hair, dragon's tooth, and moth/beetle/butterfly wings.

Favorite Class

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