Jacob Grower
1) He was a murderer

I've tried to kill my father before, but I could never bring myself to execute my plans. No matter how perfectly it was unfolding, I could never close the deal. Jacob was different. A part of me admired him, his brazen indifference and cunningness. He could kill and have no qualms smiling at his victim's family, like all he was, is really the cute boy next door. I felt anger, sadness, admiration, but mostly hatred. How could a boy one year younger than me achieve everything I long for, without consequences? Jacob Grower had the charisma to charm the whole town effortlessly, and the courage to carry out the evilness he kept in his heart. He was my hero, and I despised him for it.

But why him?

I found myself scribbling the question. This was giving me a headache. I sipped some more hot chocolate and crumpled the paper. It has been a while since I went up to the attic, and I have since calmed myself enough to open the window completely. I could see everything this town had to offer. I knew so many extraordinary people out there, but he, out of everyone, has been fascinating me.

I couldn't think.
A soft cold wind came in and seemed to caress my skin, like a reminder to keep calm. I sighed and smoothed out the beige sheet, ready to admit it to myself.

2) He's insanely attractive.
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My eyes follow him of their own accord, seeking the flutter of his raven hair on windy days, and lingering on the pink condescending grin slipping out of his mask. A familiar tingling took over my nose, and I crossed the second point once, twice, thrice, until I felt the pain in my chest subside, and the tears returning to their due place. I knew I did not owe anything to society.
No one had hopes left for me, so I might as well go completely astray, crush on boys if I want to. But it still felt wrong and dangerous to give another reason for my father to shun me candidly.

I finished my hot chocolate in my effort to calm my growing frustration. I started this list in an attempt to know my enemy, or at least gather all my knowledge about him, but everything that comes to mind right now is futile thoughts like the way freckles adorned his skin or his eyes that seemed neither blue nor green, but still like marbles-

I needed to go to the point.

He was my enemy.

Chances are, the nightmares I've had were his doing. He had launched an attack on me.
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