Hi everyone! I’m back with another article. If you read my article on the Tenth Muse Writers Team, you would know that this would be the second article of the #SustainableSeries. I think it would also be really cool if more writers on this platform can share their ideas on practicing sustainability through this tag, so if you’re reading this now and you’re interested, this is the sign. Don’t forget to tag me or the series so that I can check out your article. Enough of the long intro, let’s get straight to it.

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the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level
- avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance


At home

Reduce electricity and power usage

1. Open up your blinds and let the sunlight in, use natural light to its full advantage.

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2. Always turn off the switch when electricity is not in use.

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3. After your phone is fully charged, turn off the switch and also remove the charger from the power outlet.

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4. Purchase long lasting light bulbs such as LED lighting or CFL bulbs.

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5. Turn off your devices at night, including the wifi router.

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6. Use the fan more often than using air conditioning.

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Reduce water usage and pollution

1. Only use the washing machine when you have a full load of clothes.

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2. Use remaining rice water to water the plants.

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3. Take shorter showers, use a playlist to time your showers.

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4. Always turn off the taps whenever not in use

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5. Check for water pipes leakage frequently, if there is one, take immediate action

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6. Use eco-friendly detergents, bleaches and bathing products.

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7. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap.

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8. Avoid using pesticides, purchase natural pesticides.

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Go plastic free

1. Use a bamboo toothbrush.

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2. Carry a recycle bag whenever going out.

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3. Bring your own cutleries and a metal straw/bamboo straw.

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4. Use a reusable water bottle.

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5. For takeaways, bring your own food container.

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6. When grocery shopping, use fabric bags to put in your groceries.

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7. Use glass kitchenware instead of plastic ones

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8. Avoid online shopping and delivery services whenever possible, the packages usually consist a lot of plastic

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That's all for this article. Hope you take these tips and practice them in your lifestyle xoxo

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