Hi, guys. So, this is some places I wanna to visit. Any of you live there? Let me know!!

♡ Australia ♡

If you know me, you probably already know that I love Australia. Mainly because I love nature and diversity, and Australia has some species that only live there.

australia image Image by Sheri, 🫧🪸🍄🦩🪩

♡ Iceland ♡

Since I read pretty little liars book, I feel in love with Iceland. It's a beautiful place and the most chock and interesting fact is that is really easy to write a book. People really value books and reading there. I TOTALLY LOVE IT. PS: I don't know if I can deal with the cold, but I hope figure out someday.

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♡ Thailand ♡

My teacher visited Thailand last year and told a lot of things that made me fall in love with the place. I don't know a lot of the history, but I got really interesting.

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♡ Greece ♡

Okay, everyones on WHIs destiny. But, Greece isn't just a beautiful place, It's a country with a huge and important history for your society. Everything in this place piques my curiosity.

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♡ Egypt ♡

The first thing that I wanted to work in my life was archeology. I changed a few times later, but I still love this occupation. I always dreamed about work in Egypt and unravel mysteries about the people who lived there for many years.

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So, there is a lot of places more, but I will let for a part 2, maybe. Text me if you share of the same dream as me or live in one of this places, lets be friends!! See you all in the next article.