A little snapshot of some of my favorite playlists I've made ♥

Playlist Name: .girls!!.

49 songs, 2hrs 35min

Playlist Description: "i love women and no I won't shut up about it"

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First Five Songs:

  • girls - girl in red
  • Sofia - Clairo
  • Cute Bitch - Rizha
  • A Shitty Gay Song About You - Smoothboi Ezra
  • She - dodie

Playlist Name: .yearning, pining, longing.

106 songs, 6 hrs 30mins

Playlist Description: "gotta fulfill my romantic nature in quarantine somehow"

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First Five Songs:

  • Fair - The Amazing Devil
  • Who Loves the Sun - The Velvet Underground
  • Ask - The Smiths
  • Gotta Have You - Samia
  • 3am at a Party - Soccer Mommy

Playlist Name: .ur in an indie film, bitch.

323 songs, 19hrs 20min

Playlist Description: "im just trying to live my life like Liv Reijners"

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First Five Songs:

  • This Is The Day - The The
  • Too Much Coffee - SWMRS
  • Weekend Friend - Goth Babe
  • Honestly - Hippo Campus
  • Just Like A Movie - Wallows

Playlist Name: .im okay.

142 songs, 8hrs 15min

Playlist Description: "i think something's wrong with me but maybe that's okay"

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First Five Songs:

  • Everything Makes Me Sad - SAINTE
  • Dead Weight - PVRIS
  • I DON'T NEED YOU - Andy Mineo
  • Painkiller Weather - Grayscale
  • Over It - The Frights

Playlist Name: .easy breezy.

109 songs, 7hrs 6min

Playlist Description: "songs that sound like breezy fall days and warm summer nights"

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First Five Songs:

  • Tuesday - Hippo Campus
  • oh baby - LCD Soundsystem
  • OSCAR IN THE RIVERBED - Brotherkenzi
  • Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales - Car Seat Headrest
  • Let It All Out (10:05) - COIN

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This article was inspired by @hibiscous:

This is my first article so thank you and hope you enjoyed!

- Jules