1| Are you happy with your hair structure?

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It's a love hate thing; I love my hair when I curl it with the flat iron so it's not as curly. I hate how it can be so curly that It looks like my hair is short and dry.

2| Which Disney character would you like to meet in real life?

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Little Chef

3| Do you prefer water with or without lemon?

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Just water

4| Who's your celebrity crush?

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Joe Jonas

5| Did you ever take part in a school exchange?

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Not for my school but I went to school in another Country.

6| What did you celebrate recently?

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My wedding

7| Do you regularly get your nails done?

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I used to but I love playing guitar and I can't do it with long nails.

8| Would you rather have Ariana or Selena as your friend?

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Selena Gomez

9| Do you like avocados?

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I love it

10| Which unknown song would you recommend to listen to?

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I don't know if it's that unknown but The kooks - Naive

11| Something or someone that doesn't deserve its hype?

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Hard Shell Tacos...

12| Did you ever listen to K-pop?
I will never do it, sorry.

13| What kind of makeup would you like to wear?

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14| Last beach you've been to?

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Miami Beach

15| What did you name your last playlist?

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Fun times
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16| Who are your favourite YouTubers? What the chic

17| Do you like gaming? What do you play?
Nope and I suck at video games.

18| A quote you like in a language other than English or your native language?

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