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Today I'm going to tell you some Italian sayings you can easily use on social medias (obviously I'm translating them too).

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➵ ❝La vita è bella❞
summer, travel, and sea image ocean and travel image
Literally: life is beautiful.
➵ ❝Bella come il sole❞
girl, beach, and summer image girl, strawberry, and summer image
it's a compliment (bella is referring to girls, bello to boys) that compares her/him to the sun.
➵ ❝Andrà tutto bene❞
fashion, girl, and italy image enjoy, fair, and fashion image
Literally: everything will be fine.
➵ ❝Leggere, riflettere, esistere❞
peace image girl, book, and flowers image
Literally: read, think, exist.
➵ ❝So che non torni❞
girl, beach, and hair image girl, fashion, and travel image
Literally: I know you won't come back (probably referred to a lost lover/beloved one).
➵ ❝Da quale sensazione scappi?❞
bed, vintage, and blue image shadow, aesthetic, and sun image
Literally: what feeling are you running away from?
➵ ❝E' un gioco da ragazzi❞
1990, alternative, and hair image summer, aesthetic, and sea image
it's a saying we use when something is very easy. Literally: it's a children's game.
➵ ❝Ballando e contemporaneamente piangendo❞
summer, beach, and hat image girl, friendship, and friends image
this one is quite melancholic. Literally: dancing and crying at the same time.
➵ ❝Corto viaggio sentimentale❞
couple, shadow, and love image car, italy, and picnic image
it's the title of a book. Literally: short sentimental journey.
➵ ❝Che cos'hai in testa?❞
girl, summer, and bikini image alternative, indie, and sea image
asked to someone who is inattentive. Literally: what's on your mind?
➵ ❝Testa fra le nuvole❞
girl, summer, and beach image summer, fashion, and style image
used to say someone is absent-minded. Literally: Head up in the clouds.
I truly hope you enjoyed discovering a lil piece of my culture, let me know your favorite saying!

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