i dream of fields decorated in purples and oranges. the earth wears them so gracefully, dancing in the wind. i could’ve sworn i was high that day, i heard the trees whispering my name along with sweet nothings in-between. i watched the skies turn purple and orange, showing me my dreams in clouds that were bruised and set on fire. i love the way the universe plays with me, the way she calls to me, telling me i can be anything i wanna be. the way she shows me how my pain and rage contain something so beautiful, vibrant, pure, alive. keep feeling, let the colors wash in and out like waves. coming alive and dying out in harmonious cycles. remember that dissonance and withering are all apart of the grand song. keep singing child, even when the birds fly south and the air wraps itself tightly around your skin. i'm fading into deep dark blues, diving into the places where mysteries sleep. you can find me in the in-between places; in the waves before they come crashing down, in each sunrise and sunset, in the silence that hangs anxious and heavy in the air right before you say your goodbyes.