Giselle | Enchanted
bird, photography, and sky image Image removed girl, redhead, and hair image flowers, spring, and bouquet image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dress, pink, and aesthetic image

Zodiac: Pisces
MBTI: ENFJ // The Protagonist
Enneagram: Type 9w1 // The Negotiator
House: Hufflepuff
Camp Half-Blood Cabin: Cabin Fourteen // Iris

Kida | Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Temporarily removed Image by Little fashion Queen of disney ♛♛ brown, indie, and beach image waterfall, water, and nature image quotes, blue, and aesthetic image harry potter, cho chang, and harry potter character image

Zodiac: Sagittarius
MBTI: ENTJ // The Commander
Enneagram: Type 3w4 // The Expert
House: Gryffindor
Camp Half-Blood Cabin: Cabin Seventeen // Nike

Lilo | Lilo & Stitch
beach, summer, and surf image babe and fav image sand, beach, and summer image beach, adventure, and road image summer, nature, and palms image summer, surfing, and tumblr image

Zodiac: Aquarius
MBTI: ESTP // The Persuader
Enneagram: Type 4w5 // The Free Spirit
House: Hufflepuff
Camp Half-Blood Cabin: Cabin Three // Poseidon

Megara | Hercules
girl, bed, and hair image rings, gold, and ring image makeup, beauty, and make up image eye, brown, and eyes image quotes, hero, and woman image braid, brunette, and curls image

Zodiac: Scorpio
MBTI: ISFJ // The Defender
Enneagram: Type 8w7 // The Nonconformist
House: Slytherin
Camp Half-Blood Cabin: Cabin 13 // Hades

Vanellope | Wreck-It Ralph
boy, brown hair, and female image aesthetic and stickers image game, arcade, and vintage image eyes, eye, and eyebrows image converse, shoes, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Zodiac: Aries
MBTI: ESFP // The Proformer
Enneagram: Type 7w8 // The Opportunist
House: Gryffindor
Camp Half-Blood Cabin: Cabin Eighteen // Hebe

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