“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”
– John. F Kennedy.
Hey, sweetheaters!!
I know things have been chaotic and messy since the year started, the world has already changed so much it seems every time we blink we see a new problem, or one that was already there but we didn’t notice it.
I’m not going to call it an ugly year because many small good things have come in the middle of the havoc, but it certainly has been a different one.
Don’t let the chaos get to you.
Don’t obsesses over bad headlines in news platforms. Don’t lament yourself on things you can’t control. Don’t try to save everyone.
Don’t let social media be the center of your life, consume only the things that inform you and are beneficial to you. It’s not “2020 Apocalypse” and we are not going to “Cancel 2020”.
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I’ll explain this a little better. (Everybody knows saying “don’t be or feel this or that” doesn’t help anyone.)
2020 has been an unusual year, to say the least; there are Twitter users misinforming, pushing towards questionable actions, or simply harassing other users because their lives are sad and boring during quarantine. All of those are triggering for some other people, myself included, some of us get too ingrained in our brains that 2020 could bring out the worst in humanity… but then I think about it better.
If 2020 is only highlighting the things we needed to improve, and we know what they were, doesn’t that mean we are working to be better?
Many people want to change the world, but few are willing to go through the struggles it involves, and even fewer are willing to push the entire world towards that change through a not so pretty road. Change isn’t supposed to look nice. Have you ever seen a caterpillar forming its cocoon? Gosh, it gives me the creeps!
“For darkness restores what light cannot repair.”
– Joseph Brodsky.
Change involves a lot of things, like fights, anger, sadness, defeat, resistance, and basically everything you see in dystopian movies and books. But this is reality, and there are many ways to fight against injustice other than with superpowers and magical swords.
When you see a new problem coming up, educate yourself on the subject. Find out if it is a cause that it’s worth your support, and if it is, inform others about it. Fight for it. Share your support, choose how you’re going to spread the message in your accounts, or attend the events organized for it. However, keep in mind selflessness isn’t constantly harming yourself in favor of others and bravery isn’t about doing dangerous things just because. Your own wellbeing is still a priority, even when you’re making sacrifices in the name of those you care about.
When you need to take a breath, breathe. When you need to step back, do so. Let it be online, or in the current protests that many people is running nowadays.
And you know the most important thing you need for getting to the happy ending we’re all expecting? Believe it will come, that we will all get there.
“Hope is like the sun. If you only believe in it when you can see it, you’ll never make it through the night.”
– Carrie Fisher.
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With love,