Every day, like clockwork someone tells me I'm pretty
Every day, like clockwork I take a deep breath, smile and say thank you

Yet no matter how many people tell me I'm pretty, I'm still really insecure.
Its not that i don't think I'm pretty. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty.

But I've come to realize that people come and go, nobody really stays forever. I don't understand why I'm not pretty enough to make them stay.

Every day I look at my reflection in the mirror getting ready thinking, to myself, today will be the day I'm pretty enough to make them stay.
Eyebrows, on fleek
Highlighter, poppin, sits perfectly on top my chocolate skin
Foundation, perfect
Lip gloss, perfect
Earrings in, outfit snaps
I go to school i get rated my 8 or 9 yearning for that 10.

Then some random girl or some random boy i don't know, it may be someone that I know, tells me I'm pretty. I take a deep breath, smile and say thank you.

That same day someone who once told me I'm pretty leaves me. We became friends. We talked everyday, all day. They leave me. Ghost me actually, they act like I don't exist.

Like there was no friendship, like there was no history.

I go home questioning, wondering what I did wrong, wondering what I could do better

I look in the mirror
Maybe my eyebrows weren't arched enough
Maybe my highlighter really wasn't it
Maybe my foundation wasn't it, maybe
Maybe next time I try a different lip gloss
Maybe I should wear different earrings, maybe my outfit didn't really snap.

Just maybe if I was a 10

Back to the drawing board
We'll start over and fix all the mistakes

I'm not pretty enough to make them stay
I'm not the 10 they need
I'm not the Instagram baddie
I'm not the 10 I need

Maybe one day I will be