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Today I will be answering 16 cute questions, I hope you enjoy!!

1.What feature do you love the most about yourself?

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My lips

2.What quality of yourself do you admire the most?

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Kindness and Honesty

3.What's Your biggest dream?

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To become an actress and have a good happy life :)

4.What color makes you happy?

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All the pastel colors

5.What song makes you happy/

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Somebody to you by The Vamps

6.What's your ideal date?

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Picnic on the beach

7.What's your comfort food?

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Junk food:(

8.What's something you do to de-stress?

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Listen to music or watch some movies

9.What is your favorite childhood memory?

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Playing outside with my friends and going on family vacations

10.What do you hope for the world in the future?

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End of racism, homophobia, feminism and religion discrimination

11.What is your favorite scent?

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12.When do you normally wake up?

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When i have classes i wake up around 8 am but when i don't usually wake up around 2 pm

13.Who was your first idol?

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Selena Gomez

14.What sport game are you best at?

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15.Favorite and least favorite subject?

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Fav-english,history,geography & least fav-computers

16.What is your favorite book?

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I haven't read many books but for now my fav is The fault in our stars

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