hi angels ♥︎
a huge shoutout to @sophiejack, whose post inspired me to jump on the same trend, sooo - remember to go and check out her article afterwards


name Eleanor ''Ellie'' White
age just turned 17
zodiac sign libra


freckles, girl, and smile image eyes, girl, and brown image bandana, brown hair, and earrings image aesthetic, glitter, and lip image
(freckles, brown eyes and brown shoulder-length hair, always wearing a bandana and a shimmery gloss on the lips)


Image removed fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, style, and yellow image bikini, fashion, and summer image green, nike, and outfit image pink, nike, and shoes image
(always wearing color)


quotes, favourite, and smell image broke, but, and funny image friends, cool, and quotes image quote and funny image
(always ''the friend'', funny, open, living my life to the fullest, don't wanna miss a single thing, the one in the friend group who knows everyone and their deepest secrets, always the one getting too drunk and has to be carried home)


outerbanks, netflix, and obx image rudy pankow, madison bailey, and outer banks image
(I communicate with everyone, both Kooks and Pogues, but Kiara and JJ are my closest friends)


bandana, Hot, and iconic image couple and Relationship image
(John B, but I could NEVER, because he is in love with my good friend)

kisses from me to u
later, angels