hey love,

i'm not much of a dog person but they are still pretty cute so why not give each and every one of you a dog type so you can beg your parents or whoever to get them, and then you won't be alone, so enjoy :)

aries: shiba inu

just like the shiba inu, your courageous and passionate and have a fiery side that every aries can relate to.

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taurus: golden retriever

you are reliable and patient, as well as devoted and responsible. just like the golden retriever you work hard and do good things for others you love

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gemini: cavalier king charles spaniel

affectionate, curious, adaptable, these are your adjectives used generally to describe this youthful looking dog and you prefer company over solitude.

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cancer: boxer

playful boxers, like cancers, are loyal dogs who are known to form close bonds. these pups, like you, are naturally nurturing, emotional and sympathetic

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leo: french bulldog

never shying away from the spotlight, french bulldogs are popular companion dogs who love to be the center of attention like leos. you are also social but calm and spread warm cheerfullness

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virgo: labrador retriever

family friendly, outgoing, adventourous and adorable, labs are perfect caninces for the home and hardworking service dogs too. like you, they are loyal, kind, and loving.

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libra: beagle

cooperative, diplomatic and always social. beagles, like libras, live for harmony, sharing with others and the outdoors. they thrive in social settings and enjoy peoples company

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scorpio: german sheperd

these classically gorgeous dogs are known to be fearless, resourceful and passionate taking on classic scorpio traits. they are great leaders and keepers of secrets, they are brave and come across noble they are also secretely mushy and emotional

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sagittarius: corgi

fit for a royal - corgis are generous, idealistic and have great sense of humor. they are bright lil pups who always have their owner's back. they enjoy freedom, sniffing on new ground and philosophy

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capricorn: rottweiler

responsible, disciplined, hard working rottweiler's are just so capricorn. they are sometimes part of search and rescue missions. they like family, tradition, and music

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aquarius: greyhound

progressive, original and very independent, greyhounds are a hit with friends - but value their time alone. they are an intellectual breed fueled less on emotion and more on facts, they are often fighting for a cause, they are also very good listeners

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pisces: pomeranian

emotionally needy and physically lazy, pomeranians are the perfect dogs to empathize with you and help you feel whole again. they are very compassionate, creative, intuitive, and wise.

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