Hi guys, this a list of animes that are funny and definetely are going to make you laugh out loud or just take you out of your confort zone, so just read and enjoy...

~Saiki Kusuo No psi nan

anime and saiki kusuo no psi nan image anime and saiki k image anime image anime, riki, and kokomi image
Sooo, this one so far is my favourite anime, it is about this guy with pink hair who has pychic powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation , among others; and tries to live a calm life as much as he can, but that can´t be possible because of his friends who are always getting in trouble.


gokudols image gokudols image gokudolls image anime, comedy, and gokudols image
This is such a hilarius anime, it's about three yakuzas whose boss orders them to have a sex change surgery in order to make them idols and thus earn easy money. The story is very funny as the protagonists miss their male body and male manners and have to act like Jpop idols.

~One punch man

saitama, one punch man, and anime image anime, boy, and genos image anime, opm, and one punch man image saitama, one punch man, and anime image
Saitama is a hero who has become bald due to trainig so much, and just as the name of the anime says, he is able to defeat villians only with one punch. This one is very popular and if is still someone in 2020 who hasn't watch it yet then go and do it!!! because I swear it's worthy.

~Karakai jouzo no Takagi-san

anime, anime girl, and gif image anime, takagi, and anime girl image anime, takagi-san, and karakai jouzu image anime, takagi-san, and karakai jouzu image
This anime is soooo freaking cute!!! It's about this two kids who are classmates and sit beside each other, the girl, Takagi-san is always making jokes to Nishikata and making him feel unconfortable. Because of that he is constanly looking for the way to bother her in order to "win".

~Jibaku shounen Hanako-kun

anime, jibaku shounen hanako-kun, and anime 2020 image Image removed Image removed anime, icon, and hanako-kun image
This anime is about this school which has a lot a rumors about spirits known as "the seven mysterys". One of the misterys is about Hanako-san, according to the rumors, if someone goes to the thirt place in the bathroom of the third floor in the old building of the school, the spirit will grant any wish that you want; but turns out that Hanako-san is actually a boy.

~Tonari no Seki-kun

tonari no seki-kun image anime, gif, and tonari no seki kun image funny, tonari no seki-kun, and drums image anime, tonari no seki kun, and gif image
This anime is very short but still a very good one, it is about this two classmates also siting next to each other, just as Karakai jouzo no Takagi-san, the difference is that in this one the boy, Seki-kun, is always doing things completely different as the rest of the class and berely pays atention. Yokoi often gets interested in the things he does and due to this she gets in trouble.

So guys this was the list, I have complete enjoyed watching all of these animes and hope you guys do too.