We are all humans. We were all born with eyes full of tears, with minds full of innocence and hearts full of love. I can’t, I don’t want to, believe that someone came to this earth without the capacity to experience love, to watch someone else in the eyes and feel like they’re living in a bubble of sugar.

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But I also can’t believe that someone who is capable of experiencing this type of feeling could be capable of the actions that we are seeing on the news. I can’t believe that someone could watch another person, an amazing father, a loved son, a beautiful young lady with a mind full of aspirations or a sweet grandmother.

So where’s the love right now?
Because I can’t find it in today’s world: we are acting like war machines
without an heart, like brains without emotions.

We need to take it back, to take back what makes us humans.
If you’re reading this, spread all the love you have, because the beauty of a small gesture could really change the world.

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