Hola babiees!

When I was a lil girl I've always dreamt about my wedding how is it gonna be?
and yep I love weddings !
the Algerian weddings are just amazing and fun so in today's article which am so excited to write it haha... am gonna imagine with u MY WEDDING !


allora first of all THE KHOTBA 🔮

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am gonna wear a simple dress , simple hairstyle and makeup not too much ...

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this one is perfect but I want it in red or beige or a bright colour ...
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and now my makeup is DONE!

so This day the husban's family like his sisters aunts and mother ofc come to see thte bride and get the rings to do the marriage contract ! They bring chocolate and cakes and roses ...in our traditions the bride make coffe for em and usually she puts salt in her husband's coffe just for fun haa! there is music food and like thins are totally great!

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I want a ring like this pleaaaaase
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This is my man's ring
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maybe after a long or short period IT WILL BE TIME FOR WEDDING!
that day is Long and both of the bride and her husband are gonna be tired!
but it's worth it!
I want my wedding to be ROYAL and I want everybody to remember it!


wacking up at 10 or 9 o'clock and then eat my breakfast the whole family will be there my uants there children ect... My bestfriends too... am not gonna eat a full breakfast juice cakes or croissant and mom will make a carrots juice for me cause it's very good for the stress and all...
After that am gonna get ready to go to the HAMMAM this is our tradition in Algeria

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After that long Bath we're gonna go to the Hairdresser with my girls and mom ectt


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The har9os


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am gonna mention some songs here that I want them to plaay in my WEDDING haha.. ofc algerian songs and all


And then after that My MAN will come with his family and friends to take me with a long CORTEGE
every algerian wedding we do that lemme mention a video or two to clear it for you

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it's gonna be LIT!


his wedding suit is like this one

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wedding, love, and couple image
Catch it okaaay!

When we arrive at the wedding place which is gonna be like this:

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We're gonna take pics dance ....

Image removed Temporarily removed wedding, couple, and bride image wedding, bridesmaid, and dress image Image by Silvia love, beautiful, and wedding image bride, groom, and Relationship image Relationship, relationships, and romance image Image by princess wedding, couple, and love image bride, Couture, and fairytale image bride, Couture, and fairytale image

This is My wedding song:

this day am gonna dance with no limits xd!

(dear future husband u better know how to dance or am not gonna marry you)

my tasdira

okay I didn't talk about small details and everything because it's gonna be soooooooooooo long ..

In algerian weddings the bride wear diffrent traditional clothes which make her look so beautiful

This The karakou it fits to dance on this song hhhh..

Couture, dz, and Algeria image Image by Djihan Algeria image

this is a CHAOUI clothe and is so gorgeos...

Algeria, blonde, and beaute image Couture, اللباس التقليدي الجزائري, and Algeria image algerie and 🇩🇿 image

El KABYLE dress

Image by Haf_Yn dz, algerie, and kabyle image bag, cake, and couple image


this fress was worn in Algeria and raised in Marocoo

arabic, chic, and dress image fashion, mode, and caftan image caftan, arabe, and ecaftan image
🇩🇿 image brunette, ❤, and dz girl image algerienne image chic, classy, and algerie image dz girl, tradition algérienne, and tenue algérienne image
and many others ofc I won't wear all of em just those...

The indian SARI : My dream is to wear one ( ILOVE INDIA )

fashion image bffs, bollywood, and bride image bollywood, makeup, and saree image

to dance on this song hahah

SWEETs: ofc the traditional


Image by أڑهريہ 'ے Algeria, food, and baklava image food and morocco image Algeria, beautiful, and beauty image Algeria, food, and baklava image Algeria, beautiful, and beauty image Image by ∫ ˆ◡ˆ. Ângela. ˆ◡ˆ ∫

MY CAKE: I prefer a chocolate cake or SHAWARMA

Well I wanna do lots of things that daaay!

Maybe there gonna be part2 of MY DREAM WEDDING thanks alot for reading this it means alot to me bae I LOVE YOU