A WARNING that this does contain spoilers of my book Skinny Love and if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read this Article YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!

Basic Info
Name: Emerson Richards
Meaning: German meaning of Brave and Powerful
Birthday: June 22nd, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Mystic Falls, VA
Nationality: American


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Portrayed by Crystal Reed,
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pale white and lightly freckled skin,
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curly dark brown hair and brown eyes


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Emerson has always been a curious person by trait when it came to everything, even about what ordinary people didn't think were real. So when mysterious deaths start happening in her small town in Mystic Falls, she's willing to get her nose where it doesn't belong to find out the truth. But what if finding out about the truth is more than she bargained for when it involves the mysterious Salvatore brothers and her and Elena's family.


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Stefan Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Matt Donavan, Tyler Lockwood, Rebekah Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, Enzo St. John


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She minimal and edgy, depending on her moods. She wears a lot of accessories like rings, bracelets, and watches.


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She was taught to be tough and fearless by her dad, but due to mommy issues, it leaves her very afraid to love, but she's kind and selfless, and when it comes to people in need, she'll do everything in her power to help even if that meant losing everything.


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Doppelganger, Petrova Hunter
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siphoner from the Gemini coven


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John Richards and Isobel Flemming met in high school where she slept with both him and John Gilbert and became pregnant with twins; they didn't know who the father was until after she'd given birth to find out that she had a rare pregnancy (heteropaternal superfecundation) were both John Richards (Emerson) and John Gilbert (Elena) were fathers.
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So due to John R and Greyson and Miranda Gilbert wanting to keep them together without them knowing their relation, they became close friends and had them together all the time. But nor Emerson or Elena knew about their birth mother. It never bothered Elena, but it bothered Emerson.

Love Interest

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Tyler Lockwood. They started dating around the time Elena and Matt started. It was a great relationship till things gotten more serious for Emerson to handle, till, at the end of the school year party, Tyler told Emerson that he loved her and not being in love with Tyler, she ended it. After having a conversation to clear the air, they decided to remain friends; though Tyler may always have Emerson's feelings, he knows that she will never have the same feelings back.
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Damon Salvatore. They officially met in the woods, and ever since then, they both had gotten under each other skin both in anger and desire, reminding him of someone he knew Damon wanted to know more about Emerson, even though it diverted him from his original plans that sudden resemblance of his lost love he knew that he had to be around her.