Hello beautiful spirits!

I think it makes two days now… I have to finish my Power Point for my master's thesis oral defence… but… I randomly came across a YouTube video about the Book of Shadows… and, uh... How do I put this... I was captivated, it was a revelation…
I feel irresistibly drawn to learn more about witchcraft and everything I can learn. I feel the appealing need to start my Book of Shadows, writing down everything I already know about magic and rituals…

For French speaking ones here, the video I'm talking about is this one:

To kind of celebrate this revelation and know a bit more about my intuitive and natural preferences, I wanted to write a simple tag article, based on these following ones!

Simple because, you know, I have a Power Point to finish...

Time travel or Space travel

Space travel, even if it would give me a lot of anxiety. I'd love to discover other planets, other lives, other way of thinking…

space, star wars, and stars image earth, space, and aesthetic image

Long walks in the sun or Bicycle rides by the sea

I absolutely love both, but I'd go for the bicycle ride by the beach!

Temporarily removed girl, beach, and sea image

Mornings or Nights

Nights, when I can be alone with myself!

beach, ocean, and night image moon, sky, and dark image

Swim in the sea or Gaze at the stars

Super difficult… I'm in love with both! I'd say gaze at the stars!

stars, sky, and night image Temporarily removed

Dragons or Mermaids

Mermaids! I've always been fascinated by them!

aesthetic, fantasy, and mermaid image mermaid, ocean, and tail image

Werewolves or Vampires

Werewolves, I think!

Temporarily removed cold, Darkness, and light image

Rainy days or Stormy nights

Stormy nights!

sky, lightning, and thunder image sky, dark, and lightning image

Crystals or Plants

I love both, but crystals!

crystal, stone, and aesthetic image crystal, violet, and gems image

Dancing in the rain or in the Moonlight

I love dancing under the hot rain!

Temporarily removed love, rain, and couple image

Fly to the Moon or Swim to Atlantis

Swim to Atlantis!

mermaid, ocean, and sea image Temporarily removed

Moonlight or Candlelight


beach, ocean, and night image moon, sky, and sun image

Give love or Receive love

Receive love… I'm very insecure and I need to know the ones I love really love me…

couple, love, and black and white image friends, summer, and travel image

Shooting star downpour or Sunshine bath

Shooting star downpour!

stars, sky, and night image stars, night, and sky image

Bow and arrows or Sword

Bow and arrows!

arrow, archery, and aesthetic image Image removed

Stars or Rainbows

Sooooooo difficult… I already answered stars too much throughout this article, so I'd say rainbows!

Temporarily removed rainbow, sky, and aesthetic image

Communicate with animals or Read human minds

Communicate with others animals! Obviously!

fox, girl, and animal image Image removed

Live in the ocean or Live in the sky

Live in the ocean, as a mermaid!

mermaid, ocean, and sea image mermaid, sea, and fantasy image

Evil queen or Maleficent

Maleficent! My all-time favourite Disney villain!

maleficent, Angelina Jolie, and disney image disney, sleeping beauty, and maleficent image

Narnia or Wonderland

Narnia! I love this world!

vintage, nature, and sky image castle, germany, and hohenzollern image

Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed this challenge!

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- Allie ♡