today is the perfect day to plan your next holiday in europe
1. Colmar, France
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Colmar is the perfect destination for couples, history buffs, foodies, music and culture lovers.
2. Athens, Greece
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Athens is the cradle of our civilizations; it is an incredibly dynamic, lively, sparkling open-air museum.
3. Vienna, Austria
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Museum, chic restaurants and trendy bars but also amusement parks. Vienna is classy and fun at the same time.
4. Rome, Italy
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The Italian capital is an ideal destination for a family trip or make a romantic getaway to declare your love.
5. Menorca, Spain
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Menorca is the ideal destination for a stay in the great outdoors, to unwind, discover sublime landscapes and recharge your batteries.
6. Porto, Portugal
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Porto will be your home away from home. From weather, to incredible food and wine and a wild nigh life, the city got it all.