If you follow the writing of modern magic, you will probably come across the term "magick" apparently used in place of "magic". You may have noticed I use the word magick a lot, and here I will explain the diference between them.

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Now let's understand what's the difference between magic and magick.

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With the help of Hollywood and its fantasy representation, magical illusionists who pull rabbits out of their hats, among other reasons, magic has entered the mainstream.

The word magic is generally used to refer to forms of stage illusions, marvels, mysterious tricks, and sleight of hand usually in the name of entertainment. It’s also usually used to refer to a feeling of childlike wonder and fantasy.

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Aleister Crowley was the one who started using the word "Magick" and gave several reasons for that. The most cited reason is to differentiate what he was doing from the illusionist magic on stage. But the central reason was that he considered magick as something that would lead a person to fulfill his final destiny, which he called "True Will".

Magick is...

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  • Personal: Magick is a deeply personal practice. There are no defined rituals or paths. What resonates in your heart and soul is what works.
  • A practice: Magic is something that you work on, invoke and do often and repeatedly (but it doesn't mean everyday!), if necessary and according to personal and nature states. As your practice evolves, it will become a constant state of being.
  • Causing Desired Changes: More than just a spiritual practice, magick is practice. To be of any value to the practitioner, it must have positive effects on his life; effects that you personally want to see manifesting.
  • Intention: The most powerful tool of magic is your mind. Magic works by using practices, rituals and tools to focus your mind's awareness on the changes you want to bring about.

Basically, magick refers to the ability to control supernatural energies, or is considered to be the act of placing your intent up on the world through spiritual, esoteric, and occult means.

I hope I clarified the difference between this terms!

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