Tv shows for me is almost better than a film, because you can follow them on several days, especially on long series with endless seasons. But that's what we want! So here are my top 10 of my favorites series, some are finished, others are not.

  • 10) Grey's Anatomy
grey's anatomy image grey's anatomy, derek, and ellen pompeo image greys anatomy image christmas and gray's anatomy image
Frankly this series is fire! This is one of the reasons why I wanted paramedic work and therefore I registered as a nurse. In addition it is one of these endless series, personally I have not yet seen the last season because I am trying to start all over again.
  • 9) Low and order: Special Victims Unit
law & order, nypd, and svu image detective, girl, and law & order image svu, tv, and law and order suv image 80s, beautiful, and couple image
I really like this series which really tells us how human can be horrible ... But also how others can be really united. The main actress: Mariska Hargitay has been very committed to sexual violence since she played the role of Oliva and I find it even more touching.
  • 8) Lucifer
lucifer, female, and woman image Image by Leena Devil, evil, and hell image lucifer image
Frankly yes if I were in this series I would have directly fallen in love with the devil! Tom Ellis is amazing and so hot! But not only him, all the characters have their stories and are quite developed which I love in this series.
  • 7) Brooklyn 99
jake peralta, amy santiago, and b99 image actress, beauty, and fashion image Hitchcock, scully, and brooklyn nine nine image brooklyn nine nine, jake peralta, and rosa diaz image
AHAH I could have signed up for the police just for this series ... it's so funny, we really end a season without realizing it!
  • 6) Stranger Things
Image removed Image removed stranger things, eleven, and finn image stranger things image
I loved the last season so much and all these new characters! I can't wait to see the next one even if it will still have to wait with everything that's going on ... But Strangers Things is one of the series I can't do without!
  • 5) Friends
friends, chandler, and Joey image friends, chandler bing, and ross geller image fashion, phoebe buffay, and tumblr image rachel green, friends, and 00s image
Friends is the base anyway. This is the group of friends we all want to have!
  • 4) That '70s show
that 70's show, eric forman, and donna pinciotti image quotes, that 70s show, and tumblr image that 70s show, steven hyde, and jackie image fez, hungry, and needs image
I think this is the first series I have completed in full. With lots of very good actors, see Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and others in their beginnings, so young it's so refreshing, I love this era and I love this series!
  • 3) American Horror Story
evan peters, sarah paulson, and mom and dad image ahs, kiss, and american horror story image american horror story and ahs image american horror story, ahs, and evan peters image
It was this series that made me discover Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson and frankly it's the best that ever happened to me! These two are extraordinary and can play everything!
  • 2) The Big Bang Theorie
the big bang theory, penny, and series image cast, funny, and tbbt image Image removed the big bang theory, funny, and sheldon image
Bazinga! One of the best series in the world! the couple Amy, Shelson is so touching and all this group of friends so great! With Friends and That '70s show because as much to say it is all 3 the same principle but at different times, and it works amazingly well!
  • 1) The Vampire Diaries Universe
bonenzo, tvd, and bonnie bennett image Image removed Image removed gif, delena, and love image
This series, I watched it again and again without weaving it! this is the best I have seen and one of my first favorites since I was 13! I love Delena, Klaus and Hope <3 I was just disappointed for Enzo and Bonnie :'( And I would very much like Hope to end up with Raph <3

So here is the end of my top 10 best series. There is necessarily one of it in your top too ;)

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