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delusion of grandeur (1971)
with Louis de Funès and Yves Montand
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« Qu'est-ce que je vais devenir ? Je suis ministre, je ne sais rien faire ! » / « What will become of me? I am a minister, I know nothing! »
Don Salluste takes advantage of his duties as Minister of Finance of the King of Spain to enrich himself. But Queen Marie-Anne de Neubourg, who hates him, succeed in driving him out of court. Because of lust for revenge, he decides to compromise her. His nephew Don César having refused to join the conspiracy, he chooses his valet Blaze (who is in love with the Queen) to play the role of the perfect prince. By dint of quid pro quos, he only manages to attract to Blaze the favours of the clingy chaperon of the Queen, Doña Juana. Don Salluste is eventually sent to the galleys with Blaze who refused to marry Doña Juana.

Why I love the movie: the chemistry between Yves Montand and Louis de Funès makes the movie even better, and the twists are very funny. I also love the soundtrack, which is created by Michel Polnareff, a famous french singer.

Here is the beginning of the movie (free) with the soundtrack I love so much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwgoybJNTXQ


Fantômas against Scotland Yard (1967)
with Louis de Funès, Jean Marais and Mylène Demongeot
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« Que fait un fantôme quand il voit d'autres fantômes ? - Il a peur ? - Non, il les prend pour ses complices ! » / « What does a ghost do when he sees other ghosts? - He's scared? - No, he thinks it's his accomplices! »
Thanks to his past misdeeds, Fantômas (a criminal) has the idea of extorting by threat, to the wealthiest individuals of the planet, a tax on the right to live. Edward McRashley, a wealthy Scottish Lord, is consequently blackmailed. Commissioner Juve, his assistant inspector Bertrand, journalist Fandor and his fiancée Hélène, dispatched by the big newspaper Le Point du Jour, are invited to his castle to find the culprit. Under the features of a close friend of McRashley whom he had just assassinated, Fantômas kill the Scottish Lord. Then he assumes his appearance, without everyone’s knowledge. In addition, he makes Juve look crazy by depositing in his room (and then stealing them shortly after) the bodies of his two victims.

Why I love the movie: I juste love the vibe. Old castle, Scotland, kilts, ghosts, sophistication, beautiful women, spiritism, diamonds, French humor... It's a perfect Halloween movie. I also really enjoy the character of Fantômas who likes to disguise himself and drive the others crazy.

Here is an extract of the movie (in French) to show you the vibe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xP2y-CDD70


donkeyskin (1970)
with Catherine Deneuve, Jean Marais and Jacques Perrin
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« Soyons exigeantes. Demandez-lui une robe plus brillante, moins commune. Une robe couleur de lune. » / « Let’s be demanding. Ask for a brighter, less common dress. A moon-colored dress. »
Dying, a queen is promised by the king to take as new wife only a woman more beautiful than her. Not failing in his promise, the king begins to seek his future queen, but the only woman capable of competing with the beauty of his late wife is his own daughter, so he proposes to her. To escape this incestuous union and on the advice of her fairy godmother, the princess asks her father three times, for her dowry, for unattainable dresses. She then asks him to sacrifice his magic donkey, which produces gold and precious stones as dung, and the king obeys.
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The princess then fled the castle, dressed in the skin of the donkey. Donkeyskin settles in a small village of a neighboring kingdom and works as a maid, living in a simple cabin. The prince of the kingdom unintentionally arrives at her house and sees her. Dazzled by her beauty, he falls in love at first sight. He then asks her to make him a cake. While making it, she slips her ring in it. The prince, failing to choke on it, immediately asks that all the women of the country, from the noblest to the most humble, come to try the ring at the castle in order to find and marry Donkeyskin, who is anonymous in this kingdom.

Why I love the movie: this movie is BEAUTIFUL. The atmosphere is magical, we feel like we're in a dream, and Catherine Deneuve sings sometimes and she looks like a goddess. It's so enchanting. I looove to watch it, it's such a charming fairytale.

Here is the scene (in French with English subtitles) where we see all the MAGNIFICENT dresses the king makes for his daughter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t0149sa0lc

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Louis de Funès (1914-1983), Yves Montand (1921-1991), Mylène Demongeot (1935-today), Jean Marais (1913-1998), Catherine Deneuve (1943-today), Jacques Perrin (1941-today)

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