police brutality in Brazil is 5 times higher then in the US.
75% of those killed by the police in Brazil are black.
black people are 147% more likely to be murdered than white people in this country.
we need your help to claim justice for all those who died victims of the racist system that keeps marginalizing black people in brazil's favelas. this list ain't nothing compared to the hidden reality,but together we'll bring justice to them as well.


Jenifer Cilene,11 — died by her house door.

Kauan Peixoto,12 — had left for a trip at his father's house.

Kauã Rozário,11 — riding a bike.

Kauê Ribeiro dos Santos,12 — returning home after work selling candies.

Ágatha Vitória Sales Félix,8 — inside a van returning home with her mother.

Kethellen Umbelino,5 — on her way to school.

Lucas Eduardo Martins dos Santos,14 — went out to buy soda.

David Nascimento dos Santos,23 — waiting for the food he had ordered on a delivery app.

João Pedro,14 — playing with his cousins inside his house.

Matheus Oliveira,23 — returning home after work.

Lucas Custódio dos Santos,16 — returning home after a soccer game.

Carlos Magno de Oliveira Nascimento,18, Carlos Alberto da Silva Ferreira,21, Everson Gonçalves Silote,26, Thiago da Costa Correia da Silva,19 — all died in the "Chacina do Borel" in 2003. still no one have been charged.

Herinaldo Vinicius de Santana,11 — on the way to buy a ping pong ball. he had the money on his hands.

Alan de Souza Lima,15 — playing with his friends.

Douglas Rodrigues,17 — the policeman was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Matheus Santos de Morais,5 — playing in front of his house.

Fabio dos Santos Vieira,21 — said to be holding a gun when he was shot. the gun,however,was never found.

MARIELLE FRANCO,38, Anderson Gomes,? — murdered in 2018,she was a politician,known for her long-time fight for the black poor community in Rio's favelas. it's believed that her and her driver deaths are realted to the militia. until this day no one have been chaged. WHO MURDERED MARIELLE?