[day 4 // June 4, 2020]

"make a list of five places you want to visit."

1. Korea!
i've been there before but i really want to go into the hearts of the cities and see the nightlife, like clubbing and shopping in itaewon, hongdae, busan and gangnam!
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2. Iceland
i've always wanted to go further up north and see the Northern lights, hike, go to Blue Lagoon, and breathe that crispy air
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3. Venice, Italy
my dream country is literally italy, and venice is just full classic, music, and art history.
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4. Singapore
the lights, the modern architecture. if you want to really experience the boujee life, singapore is it
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5. Maldives
the beach and water huts and just being on a exotic resort would be an experience that i haven't had in my life yet!
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