”Why would you do that for her?! Risk your life like that...like it means nothing to you!”

”I...” the boy began to speak, but there were no words coming out of his trembling mouth. He couldn't think for a good reason why he fall with her, in the first place. There wasn't only a reason for his falling, it happened over time without his knowledge. He felt for the little things: the way she laughed, the way she looked at him when she thought that he wasn't looking - like she saw the entire world in front of her.

"I could think of so many reasons why she isn't good for me. But, I could think of many reasons that she is the only one that I want." he said, breathless. "I don't like her, not the way I should, not the way she wants to be liked - by other persons, by strangers, by the whole world." he took a minute to gain his composture.

"I risked my life, not because she said it or because I thought that I need to do this, nor because I am brave enough to risk it. I did it..." he looked at something in front of him. "I did it because I love her! Even if it means going through hell for her."

"That's what falling for someone is."