Hey Lovelies~ Here’s the last part of the questions from https://www.instagram.com/ourkingpotter/ template. I hope you enjoyed reading this mini-series as much as I loved writing it. Let’s get started!

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76. Would you help the Trio find the Horcruxes?

I would! Better dying trying to make things better than doing nothing and see the world become that dark.

harry potter and horcruxes image

77. Do you think Snape should be in Gryffindor?

No. Gryffindor are too truthful and reckless to me to be able to hide their true identity for so long. The fact he could go through it all for so long is because he has these Slytherin ambition, self-preservation and cunning traits. Also, Snape being a Slytherin is, in my opinion, a way for the author to show that no one is inherently good or evil. We all can change and be a balance of both. Snape being in another house wouldn’t have as a meaningful impact as he has being a Slytherin.

harry potter, severus snape, and alan rickman image

78. Which actor/actress is your favorite?

I don’t really care about the actors. They did an amazing job but if I see them as actors I can’t enjoy the movie anymore. That’s why I purposely don’t pay attention to them.

actors, cast, and harry potter image

79. Knight Bus or flying Ford Anglia?

I think it’s time to admit: I have a soft spot for the Knight Bus. I think this idea is really cool and you can even sleep in beds in the bus! Honestly, who never dreamt of it? But I like privacy and you can go anywhere with the flying Ford Anglia. Moreover, it’s easier to enchant a car than to steal a bus, right? So I’ll prefer to have my own flying car.

car, fly, and harry potter image

80. Fred or George Weasley?

Fred and George are one character in two. I think no much people will disagree with that so I really can’t favor one.

fred and george, harry potter, and weasley image

81. Jily or Snily?

None of them! Haha. James was a bully, I think the fact that Lily could fall for him is quite dreadful. It means she didn’t care about her only friend suffering because of him and his friends. It sounds more like Lily had a kind of twisted syndrome for people making her suffer. So I can’t support Jily. Therefore, as I don’t really like Lily for these reasons, I wouldn’t want her to date my favourite character so I don’t like Snily neither. He was too good for her. I just wish she married someone else but Severus past is also what makes him a beautiful person so that’s a very hard question.

harry potter, severus snape, and lily evans image harry potter, snape, and always image

82. Would you like to have a Time Turner?

Okay, here’s the hard question. Sit well because it’s gonna be complicated I guess. I really want one since the first time I heard about it but it’s quite a dangerous thing from what we see in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. But the Time Turner in the play is not the same as the Time Turner in the original story so in case it’s dangerous I wouldn’t use it but as a young girl (a.k.a Hermione) can use it, I guess I can? Hope this looks like an answer. Haha.

harry potter, time turner, and aesthetic image

83. How regularly do you watch the movies?

I’d say once every three months, so four times a year. Sometimes more.

film, harry potter, and movie image

84. How regularly do you read the books?

No matter how much I love Harry Potter, I find the books hard to read. I am still trying to read them for the first time for five years. I’m really trying hard as you can see.

books and harry potter image

85. When did you read the books for the first time?

I read the first one entirely for the first time four years ago and I’m still struggling to read the second book but I started to read Harry Potter – or should I say I started to Try to read – when I was in middle school (late 00’s).

harry potter, hagrid, and book image

86. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes or Zonko?

I’m not really one to do pranks so even if I think both shops are great I am not a connoisseur so I can hardly say. But I love the atmosphere in the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes very much and they sell pretty interesting products like the peruvian instant darkness powder Harry uses to get into the Slytherin compartment in the Hogwarts Express, the Amortentia bottles or the Pygmy Puffs so I’ll go for it!

fred and george, harry potter, and weasley image

87. If you could go to Hogwarts, would you?

Of course I’ll go! What a question! I dream to be a witch studying in Hogwarts – or a teacher because I don’t have the age to be a student anymore I’m afraid.

fall, aesthetic, and autumn image

88. Would you like to be a Weasley?

I love how cute and loving is this family but I wouldn’t like to be one of them. I know what it’s like to grow up in a big family and to be an invisible child. But I’d like to live in their house and be friends with the family still.

harry potter, house, and weasley image

89. Great Hall or Common Room?

I like both. In my common room, I can be with people who are like me and it’s like home. And in the Great Hall, I’m with a full community of wizards and witches and I can connect with more people. I prefer a tiny bit my common room bit it’s just a bit more.

slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image quidditch, ron, and felix felicis image

90. Phoenix or thestral?

I always loved phoenixes so much but after knowing about thestrals I love them even more. I find them really cute, and I like the fact that not everyone can see them and you can seat on their back to travel.

harry potter, art, and book image

91. Would you be able to see the thestrals?

I too wonder this. We know that only people who saw death can see them. If it means people who saw dead people or had been near to death can see it I would; but if only people who saw a human being die in front of them can see it, then I wouldn’t.

harry potter, fantastic beast, and thestral image

92. Which magic school would you like to go to?

If I was a witch, I don’t know how I would choose. I’d love to go to many schools or at least visit them. My favourite schools are Mahoutokoro, BeauxBâtons, Ilvermorny and Hogwarts. I’m also very curious about the Russian School.

harry potter, map, and wizarding world image

93. Which magic school would you actually go to?

As I am French, speak English and live as far from BeauxBâtons as from Hogwarts, I think I would have been to BeauxBâtons or to Hogwarts.

blue image broomstick, full moon, and harry potter image

94. Have Hermione’s hair or Ginny’s?

None of them. I like my hair better.

blue, color, and hair image

95. Crookshanks or Pigwidgeon?

Crookshanks, I like cats.

cat, book, and gif image

96. Would you break rules or follow them?

None of these. I hate rules. I do what is right to me without caring if there’s a rule a not against it.

gif, marauders map, and harry potter image

97. Have Nagini as a pet or Scabbers?

Nagini! I’m not fond of snakes but I really hate Scabbers.

voldemort, nagini, and harry potter image

98. Which Marauder is the most like you?

I don’t feel similar to any of them but I guess Remus is the one that would be the most like me.

harry potter, hp, and remus lupin image

99. Which character is the most like you?

I think Luna and Cho are the students that are the most like me but I can’t find a character really very similar to me…

harry potter, luna lovegood, and ravenclaw image harry potter, ravenclaw, and cho chang image

100. Would you leave everything you have right now and go into the Harry Potter Universe?

For sure! Hogwarts here I come!

harry potter, hogwarts, and home image

Hope you liked this tiny series. See you soon for more series and articles about Harry Potter. Don’t forget to Heart and Follow if you liked it!

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