Hi there lovely readers💕 I hope you all are doing fine :) i was going through my works and two of them had really gained a lot of likes which I am thankful for from the bottom of my heart❤
As i was reading one of them known as "Young Love", i felt like the story is left somewhere in between and wanted to continue it. so this is the second part and i hope you all like it as much as part 1😊


I'm afraid but I might risk it
It's Insane to do so
Because we don't even communicate
But mistakes are accidents when we're young
Later my heart might be dry, like the plants in the sun
So while I'm a man in a movie and your'e my love
I know the moments will be worth it
So Let's live like we're drunk!!


This was inspired from so much songs and shows so i will just link it just in case someone thinks I've copied it from somewhere :)


And most of all, this Korean Drama i watched, these songs would constantly play in my head while i was watching that. "Crash Landing on You", it really did leave us all mesmerized by the crazy romance plot line mixed with action.