Hello hearters!
My name is Ella and I wanted to write this article to spread some love that is needed in the world today. It's easy to fall down that rabbit hole of low self esteem from the so called 'perfect bodies' that we are shown on the media. So here are some tips :)

Step 1: Do something you enjoy

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I personally love riding my bike through nearby villages

What do you enjoy? Maybe dancing, art or playing with a pet. Notice how these things make you who you are, Not an insecurity. These things make you happy and help you discover who you are.

Step 2: look at your favourite body part

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I love my blue eyes

When you look at this body part feel happiness and gratitude. Now look at your least favourite body part.

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I feel like my thighs are way too big compared to other people

Look at this with the same love you held for the other. Think what this has done for you: healing scars, helping you function and never giving up on you.

Step 3: everyone haves insecurities!

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Fitness youtuber chloe ting has opened up about feeling insecure about her body

Everyone has felt not pretty enough but, that one insecurity does not define who they are and their worth. When I was in a really dark place that I felt like I couldn't get out of I thought everything about me was ugly and disgusting. Though, as I am getting better, I look at how beautiful and strong I really am. Your head space can affect your thoughts but, you must not let it affect your worth.

Step 4: write a gratitude list

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Gratitude lists really helped me when I was in a dark mood

Gratitude lists help you take a step back and realise how lucky you are to be you :)

I hope this helped you and showed how goddamn beautiful you are honey. Follow me for more uplifting articles☺