I daydream. I daydream a lot actually. I have a few scenarios that i love to play in my head over and over but this one is probably my favourite.

It's the one where I run away.

And not for a long time, don't get me wrong. I love my friends and my family but I've always craved that midnight runaway with maby one or two friends and nothing planned beforehand.

Here, let me show you a piece of my mind.

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It would start getting dark outside. The city would slowlyy quiet down. One by one the windows would start closing and more and more lights would light up the streets. It would start becomming fresher and breezier and the warm wind would bring in the smell of saltness.

The city would be half asleep. I'd grab my bags with spare pair of clothes, a pillow and a blanket and some food, and head out to the train station.

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The train station. Quiet. I'd meet up with my friend that i'd secretly crush on. We would hug each other, and as slightly scared as we would be, we'd walk up the train together. We would head towards the hills. Nature, lakes and farms.

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Almost completely empty train. Fresh, sharp air. Staring trought the window. Fast heartbeats. Silence louder than words taking over. Locking eachothers eyes. Feeling scared and comforted at the same time. Sharing earphones with our favourite songs. Falling asleep on eachothers shoulders. It would feel like a movie.

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playlist: aeroplane over the sea-neutral milk hotel, one day (accoustic version)-Asaf Avidan, between the bars-elliot smith, the night we met-lord huron, girl crush-little big town, first day of my life-bright eyes, sentiš-navadni-Zmelkoow, tam v meglicah nad mursko vodo-Vlado Kreslin, sign of the times- Harry Styles, Nocturne op. 9 No. 2- Chopin,...

I wake up to the Vincent by Don McLean playing on the earphones we share. And the night really is starry. Starry and clear.. He's still asleep on my shoulder and I feel his breath against my neck. Everything feels surreal.