first things first,I'd like to say happy pride! :) as a black bisexual latina,I feel more than honored to be able to say this today.
I had so much planned for this month,so many amazing articles about the lgbtqia+ community and culture. but the recent events — not recent at all,but that gained the needed attention these last couple of days — got me so hurt and angry and mad for justice that I decided to dedicate my time to speak up and protest.
I'm brazilian and I live in Brazil,where the reality of the racist system and government is very similar to the USA (that being not very surprising,since our president is Donald Trump's biggest admirer). the numbers of black people murdered — yes,murdered by the police is even higher and alarming. according a study made in 2018 by ex executive director of Forúm Brasileiro de Segurança Pública (Brazilian Public Security Forum) Samira Bueno,police lethality in Brazil is 5 times higher than in the US. just in the last couple of weeks,we lost David,João Pedro,Matheus,Lucas and so many others. these are just the cases I've heard. we all know there are more.

I've been loosing my sleep lately. but I don't mind it. I know my actions now will define not only my future,but the future of the entire community. we have to understand that our actions are necessary RIGHT NOW. there are so many ways to help. you can sign petitions,donate,protest in the streets,protest online — PLEASE DON'T STOP PROTESTING AND SPREADING INFORMATIONS ONLINE! we need to unite. we need to act. you,non-black person: please educate yourself. learn about your priviledges and use them to fight the system. step up. speak up.
the tragedy of George Floyd's death is bringing strenght to the community all around the world,and revolution has begun. we fight for justice. we fight for rights. we fight for freedom. we fight for our sisters and brothers who died victims of racism,whose names we will never forget. we fight for those who fought before us. we fight together,all around the world. we fight against the system that's been fighting our existence. we fight our dumb ass presidents. we fight the whole damn system.




I'll be posting informations about how you can help,so please follow me. we need your help.

thank you so much for reading.

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