Hello, I hope you all are very well.

Today I wanted to write a bit about what I think with everything that is happening lately, I think this is a very simple way to express feelings, which helps us to know how we feel and try to improve it.

Yesterday I saw a video of an interview with African-American families, where they explain that they have to give "the talk" to their children from a young age, which consists of explaining that because they are people with different skin colors than the rest, they must take good care of themselves more, because they are more likely to be arrested by a police officer for being just that.

One of the parents taught his 8-year-old daughter! to raise her hands when she meets other people or in this case, police, and to say an unimaginable phrase "I'm not armed and I don't have something with which I can hurt you". Why an 8-year-old girl has to say something like that? Why someone who looks "different" from the rest must say something like that?

It's a very sad thing, people should not have less or more "privileges" than others because of how they look.

I feel very upset about the racist situation, because the person who caused this, who is a police officer, that the police are supposed to be people who decided to work to safeguard the integrity and safety of all people, who acted in such a horrible way with George Floyd. It was a pretty terrible event, which has happened on other occasions, which definitely has to stop.

I think that as people we have to learn to be more human, to be empathetic to others, to respect them, since we are all different and therefore we have different thoughts, beliefs and customs, in some of them we may not agree, but we have to know how to put ourselves in the other person's place, to really know what they may be going through.

Let's be good to others and that your situation, social standard or beliefs, do not prevent you from being a respectful, supportive and empathetic person with someone else, who may not meet the same "privilege" as you.

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By clicking on this link you can sign and thus support this situation.


With love, Y.