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Hi everybody, I'm finally back with writing and creating articles, after being abesent for months. I'm in the right mood to start doing what I love most. I'm happy to bring this aesthetically pleasing article on how my life would be like in the world of 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐧𝐞𝐲.
Disney has always been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. It's movies, music and characters brought joy into my world and made life a little more magical & happy. I have always dreamed of escaping this world and enter one full of imagination, love and happy endings. I try to make this a reality every single day. And that's why I'm creating this meaningful post. It's not so much being a whole different person, but more so to be the best version of myself and live somewhere far far away in peace.
I hope you'll enjoy exploring a part of my fantasy, and me being a little kid again :)
My Story

_This story starts in a place somewhere unkown, hidden away from people and evil spirits, surrounded by animals and plants and where the sun never sets. A young curious girl, lives her life in dreams and adventure. One day when she wonders around the forest looking for an unusual flower, she stumbles across a lake with a waterfall flowing strong behind it. Drawn to the water, she kneels down in front of it and plays with the waterlilys, when a pale, female hand grabs hers. She jumps up. A beautiful girl's torso emerges from the lake, smiling and laughing. Confused by what the yet unkown princess is seeing, she steps closer to the creature. They start talking and bonding, and soon become close friends. A long time after their encounter, the girl in a pink dress runs back home, to her loyal friend, Leo the Lynx. Talkative and far away from shy. She tells the story of the mermaid and her mind starts to wander. All her life she was longing for something new, something bigger than her and all of her hopes and dreams combined. But at the same time she's happy with what she has, living her life surrounded by flowers and butterflies, this was her home, even though the stories she was told about herself by her new friend, are showing her a different faith. Will she leave it all behind to discover her true destiny? Find real love and true freedom? A Goodbye to Leo, who she's known for all her life, would be heartbreaking and leaving her house and the fairies behind.

All she knows is, her sidekick wants her to be happy and live her dream, no matter what. The only "person" who can hold her back is Fear._

My Appearance
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My joyful eyes are forest green, freckles are leaving a soft trail around my nose and the underneath of my eyes. I have long light brown hair that I like wearing naturally open or in a high ponytail, at times. My enchanting smile lights up my whole face and the people around me.
Where I live
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I spend my innocent Disney princess life on the countryside somewhere in Spain, France or Italy (I love mediterranean countries). I live in a cottage surrounded by flowers and trees, have a garden with even more colorful plants,and a bench where I lay down every day and read. I also make sure the fairies have a place to stay in my garden. The inside looks modern but romantic and bright. The colors pink, lavender, yellow, green and white are dominating the rooms of my house.
What I'm known for
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Of course we already know Disney princesses are known for their breathtaking singing voices and dancing their heart out. And that is exactly why I'd love to be known for too. I wish I had a better singing voice since I'm very passionate about music and it goes through my veins more than anything else, so in this world I'd want to be able to fully express it without annyoing anyone with my voice. I love dancing, always have, so this wouldn't change and I'd show it with all my soul. And of course, I'd be known for day dreaming and seeking a bold adventure.
My Signature Dress
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My main dress you see me wearing, looks exactly like this beautiful pastel pink dress. When I saw this picture for the first time I immediately fell in love with it since it's resembles the romantic and feminine style, I wear in real life too. The color of the dress is very soft and the material feels pleasent and flowy, perfect for exploring secret places. In this dress you'll defintely find me dancing in the sun.
My Sidekick/Companion
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Normally I'd say that a tiger would be my sidekick in a Disney film but since Jasmine has been there and done that, and tigers are not likely to be found in nature somewhere in France, I am going for a different feline. A playful, protective and wise Lynx is always by my side walking with me through the wild ride life is. It speaks in different languages, but only talks when I talk to it. It lives in my cottage and sleeps on my bed at night. His name is Leo.
Signature Princess Song
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My signature song is a mix between Carrie Underwood's from Enchanted, Ever Ever After, and Grace Potter's Something That I Want from Tangled. Upbeat, happy and romantic. The meaning of the songs is, that no one can tell you it's impssoible to fullfill your dreams and aspirations, even if the world seems to say it otherwise. What we are is all we have, so create peace, follow your dreams and live your freedom. That'd be my heartfelt message to everyone out there.
Best friend
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My closest friend is a mermaid, named Priscilla, whom I've met whilst wondering around the fields and forests. She's living in a lake by a waterfall, and is a very intelligent, positive person, who always gives me advice and is loyal towards her friendships. There's never a sad or dull moment in her presence. Her appearance is whatever you imagine her to be.
The Villain
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The villain and bad guy of the story would be a spirit called "Fear". We all know it, we all feel it. It's the only thing that holds us back from doing what we want and long for. Imagine Hades and Dr Facilier in one.
My Prince
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Yes, I want to have a prince in my life. Someone who loves me inside out and I can share my love with, giving each other our heart and soul. Love is such a beautiful thing and I wouldn't miss it out for anything in the world. I'm not one of those stuck up people who think you are only valid and a strong, good person if you don't have a partner and stay alone. I know who I am, I accept and respect myself, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to share your life with someone special who appreciates and wants all of who you are. It's okay if somebody makes you happy and feel fullfilled. We all know love comes in all forms, family, friends, pets and partners, and all of those are okay. My Disney prince is a mix of Flynn and Eric. Somone who looks at me like I am their world, can joke around and tease me, but also know when to be serious and always be there for me, listen & care. No matter what.
My Ball Gown & Makeup
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After my princess transformaton, you can see me wearing a dress of nature, flowers and pearls are embracing my body. A soft, light material and pale colours make me look elegent like a swan. Cremey and glowy makeup completes my appearance.

And she lives happily ever after...

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Thank you for dropping by, hope I'll see you again soon!