hey, hi, & hello everyone! here are some songs that were on repeat this month, enjoy! <3

commitment - luna luna

music, aesthetic, and alternative image music image
I'm a fool for your commitment

them changes - thundercat

Image by its just carissa art, doodle, and drawing image
a heartless, broken mess

golden - harry styles

Harry Styles image flowers, nature, and aesthetic image
I can feel you take control, of who I am, and all I've ever known

female energy, part 2 - willow

beautiful, nature, and sunset image willow smith image
not surprised to see the sky and only think of you

okaga, ca - tyler, the creator

bagel, food, and iphone image Image by haven
you're so special to me

only if - steve lacy

Image removed steve lacy image
I think I would tell myself from the past, "I'll be fine"

white ferrari - frank ocean

aesthetic, blond, and blonde image Image removed
I care for you still and I will forever