This is my first article...and I haven't read many others.

Not a single friend or acquaintance knows about this account and I hope it stays that way.

I can't remember the last time I logged onto here but apparently I have over 700 followers which is A LOT but I'm sure more than half of those accts no longer exist. So basically I'm here to experiment.
IDK \(0_0)/

When life gives you lemons...

food, dessert, and amazing image
make lemon cake...cheesecake? Lemon pie??
Chicken, food, and garlic image delicious, lunch, and salt image
Lemon...chicken?? Lemon...nuggets?!?! -_-
lemon image
whatever floats ya boat i guess...
thank youuu for reading this cringy ass shit...and if ya didn't... then thank gawd...<3