Hey Guys! Since most of you probably finished school, I thought I've give some things to do...

○Thigs To Do:

-Attempt Bullet Journaling
its totally helped me stay productive and it sure keeps you busy

-Cook & Bake
totally love to cook breakfast and baking, and there are so many simple recipes to keep you from eating cereal every morning LOL

-Take a car ride through your city
even though we're in quarantine, you can still take a road trip to the mountains and back, I know I definitely did

-Binge an old or new series
its so simple but it really does keep you busy, and remember to take looong breaks from being on your screen

-Learn new dances
it can be something as easy as learning a tiktok dance, either way you're being active and having fun

-Learn to meditate
it is as simple as just focusing on your breathing with your eyes closed

-Tie Dye
there are so many affordable kits on amazon and it is very fun and very cool

-Sleep All Day
don't stay up till 4am the night before, go to sleep at a moderate time, to get a good amount of rest( and who knows, you may end up getting rid of the bags under your eyes

-Online Shopping
its fun, and there are so may sites that are super cheap and good. Also, let's face it, this takes hours LOL

buy a fake nail kit online and get creative

Those are all that I have for now but I will be back soon with more. I am am also in the process of doing all of these

-Love Mia💕