Honestly there is so much to say that I really don’t know where to start. I’ll start off by letting people know why I’m writing this article.

I’m writing it because there are a lot of people that aren’t educated on the BLM movement. There’s people that are using it as an excuse not to spread awareness or they just don’t want to offend anyone by saying the wrong thing. We have social media, the internet, music, books, documentaries, and movies that talk about civil rights so these are ways that you can educate yourself on the black lives matter movement.


- Selma
- Malcom X
- The Butler
- The Watson’s go to Birmingham
- The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
- The Hate U Give
- Hidden Figures
- The Help
- Freedom
- Glory
- Harriet
- Gone With The Wind
- Antwone Fisher

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There's a lot more but ^ please watch these movies to help give you a better understanding.

I saw a couple of articles of people raising awareness of the BLM movement. For that I say thank you. I really do appreciate it. Here are the ones that I’ve read so far.

I wrote an article yesterday expressing my anger and I don’t take back anything that i said. I had to do it so that people can understand why it’s so frustrating to witness your own people getting treated like we aren’t human. As if we don’t have blood running through our veins, but we do. We’re black and we’re human

In case you didn’t see my first article on the BLM movement here it is

I also want to say thank you to Jasmine Valenzuela for mentioning my article in her article, please go check out her page :)

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My community is fighting for their lives right now. Literally every single day we have to fight. Every day we’re in pain and we’re tired.

In the BLM movement, we’re peacefully protesting and expressing our emotions. Even when we do, we still get laughed at by the police because they don’t take us serious enough unless there’s violence. Me personally, I don’t condone violence unless it’s necessary. Unless I'm pushed to that point.

It’s crazy because people wonder why we’re even violent in the first place. So let me ask you this.

Who was violent first? Who started this fight? Who’s taking innocent lives?


Do you really expect us not to retaliate?

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my community is peacefully protesting even though the police is still violent towards us. They grabbed us, kicked us down, tased us, just beaten and killed as if we’re nothing. There are policemen that have no remorse for any black innocent lives that we’re lost. We have every right to be angry. We will march no matter what. So many lives we’re lost and they didn’t deserve to die. We the people of the world should protest however we see fit.


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This list is way longer than you think. There were lives lost and haven’t even been brought up to the light.

For those that are saying that protesting won’t do anything. -Yes there are people that actually said this- Protesting is the ONE of the things that we’re doing. Protesting has been successful in US and world history. For example, Martin Luther King Jr, The March on Washington for jobs and freedom. This was a civil rights march in Washington D.C and this where King delivered his “I Have A Dream Speech”. In his speech he called for civil and economic rights. As well as an end to racism. As a result, The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were enacted.

More examples:

- The Salt March led by Ghandi
- The Montgomery Bus Boycott
- The Senaca Falls convention
- The Suffrage Parade
- The Stonewall riots

Protesting is just the beginning. We’re also signing petitions and donating to organizations which can go a long way.

Here are some more links


Many platforms big and small are supporting us because they’re with us. Nickelodeon literally went off air for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. This was the amount of time that George Floyd was knelt on. We're fighting for him as well as other black lives that we’re taken because we want justice!

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Those that are out there protesting with us, thank you and please stay safe especially since the virus is still out there. Wear a mask! Those that are trying their best to help and is on our side, I see you ❤️

Thank you,