Here is my last Plan With Me article!

G o o d - A f t e r n o o n

This month, the Plan With Me articles is going to be quite different because I just want to add and change some things about that. I think we all need something that would spice our days!

Quarantine is a time for self-discovery
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Articles Schedule

Iยดm going to post more often, twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
I should start making this a habit because it is one of the things that I love doing and make me forget about my problems for a little bit...

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a r t i c l e s

  • My favorite Chrome extensions
  • Ten spoons cake recipe
  • Series that I've watched in quarantine
  • Youtube channels recommendation
  • The problem with fast fashion
  • Websites for students
  • The gold rules of studying
  • What is True Crime?

Month Goals

I have been focusing on how my life could be better and with that, my habits.

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  • Keep a morning routine
  • Do exercise three times a week
  • Relax more often
  • Continue my Social Psychology Course
  • Write more often
  • Drink more water

Articles you should read

And I canยดt leave this article without talking about the racist attack and murder of George Floyd...
I'm attaching here some of the articles that talked about this, and I just want you to read them, keep informed guys! These types of things must become known.

d o n a t i o n s

Only one mention on social media isnยดt enough, make a long explanation of the topic, correct people when they make racist jokes, create content about that, show to the world what is happening!

These links below are movements against the racism where you can donate to help victims and black community.
โ†‘โ†‘ to sign the petition #DefundThePolice โ†‘โ†‘

Y o u T u b e v I d e o s

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T h a n k s

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